You Can't Always Get, What You Want…

Well, the verdict is in. I tried both Coke’s C2, and Pepsi’s Edge. Both are touting themselves as “half the calories, half the carbs, full flavor.”

And, they both LIED. At least on the “full flavor” claim. Yes, they lack that disgusting watery flavor of bona fide diet drinks. But they also lack the syrupy, sweet goodness of a real cola, as well.

In my VHO, if you’re really concerned about your weight, just break down and drink diet. There’s still more calories and sugar in either of these than serious dieters should be consuming. And if flavor is a big consideration, drink half an actual Coke or Pepsi. They even make them in those cutesy little half-size cans now. That is the only way to actually get “1/2 the calories/carbs with full flavor”–drink half as much of it.

Stepping off my soapbox, now.

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