Writing like a person

I think it’s appropriate that they call writing practice “exercises,” because writing is a lot like exercise.  The more you do it the easierit gets to do more of it, and the better you get at it.

If that’s so, I should be getting better soon, because it seems like I’m doing an awful lot of it.  It’s been pretty marvelous.

Last week, I started another piece of my  year long “keeping my promises to myself” project, and began doing Morning Pages every morning.  It’s something I’ve done in the past, but really never made a habit of, despite always promising myself I’d do it.

I’m not writing anything spectacular in those three pages each morning, but I am finding it easier to fall into my own natural voice when writing, as opposed to churning out corporate marketingspeak (which is a bad habit I picked up over the years of being asked to write the aforementined corporate marketingspeak.  A lot.)

I knew I needed to get back to my writing when I used the word “feedback” in a normal conversation (which immediately became abnormal because who the heck says “feedback” when what they really mean is “they like it.”)

So I think if nothing else, if doing my morning pages helps me to reteach myself how to talk like a human being, and then to write llike I talk, it will  be a worthwhile endeavor on the whole.

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