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    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this string of connected thoughts. I am thrilled to find in it a kindred spirit – sometimes I do wonder when my writing wonders a little bit as I find my meaning.

    My way of expressing what Chris G. wrote is that the conversation is already happening in people’s heads – our heads. When we connect, it is because the material – and the person – verbalizes or alludes to what we feel. It’s not the words exactly, it’s the mood the writing evokes.

    As for the strong personal brand potentially being a problem – yup, if you happen to work with someone who is insecure.

    Valeria Maltonis last story..The Usual Suspects

  2. Kat

    Valeria –

    Thanks so much for responding. There really does seem to be a mood permeating western culture, and especially the social web, where everyone seems to be asking “What am I doing all this for? Is this really the best use of my energy and time on earth?”

    I think it’s good that so many are asking these questions. The answers probably won’t be simple or easy, but asking the question is where you start.

    And you make a compelling point about the personal branding issue. Thanks.


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    Hi Kat,

    This was indeed an eye opener in the sense of the connection we make with each other. I think Valeria hit it spot on with her comment about how we really connect with each other. Up until this moment I knew this intuitively but was never able to explain it in such smart words.

    Thank you guys, another puzzle solved.

    Monika Mundells last story..Freelance Writing Behind The Scenes

  4. Kat

    Thanks for the comment, Monika. Glad you found the post, and Valeria’s thoughts, helpful.

    I think it also explains why many bloggers can write about the same exact topic, but only certain ones will really connect with me. We’re probably connecting on that other, less overt level.


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