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    Kat, once again too much in common! The hearing – my problem is when I am in someplace with loud music. I’ve become an expert at the smile & nod. And I almost offened someone last week when they called my name as I was rounding the aisle in the grocery store. It was only after a minute that it registered that I thought I heard my name so I went back to see if I saw anyone I knew.

    Ditto to everything else you said, too.


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    I’m glad I’m not the only one! My family members occasionally have to wave a hand in my face to get my attention!

    It’s only been recently that I realized that much of the time, I don’t really hear people so much as I do a sort of combination aural “Wheel of Fortune” and lip reading. I hear enough of the sounds that I can fill in the blanks.  Similarly, I didn’t realize I was nearsighted until other people pointed out that I squinted a lot.  You get so used to compensating, and it happens so gradually!


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