WIP: Catch & Release

{A couple of years ago, I attempted to write an homage to one of my favorite monster movies, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, as a National Novel Writing Month project. That effort was a total failure, but I rather like this off-the-cuff flash fiction story I wrote in my morning pages last week. Hope you enjoy it. – kat}


Catch and Release

The creature was paddling in its awkward way, back to the surface again. He struggled to decide what it was. Pale as a bleached carcass in the shallows, it was like a fish with a belly on both sides. It’s skin was as slick and scaleless as a salamander’s, even though it was nearly as large as he was. It had no tail, though. He’d lived in the lagoon forever, and never seen creatures like these things. Pale fish belly salamanders who lived in a noisy beaver dam broken loose from its bank. The broken beaver dam reeked of some poisonous vapor, and sometimes it put out some strange whirling roots.

Clearly, the smallest, lumpiest one was the leader. It looked different from the others, whose behavior was clearly a competition to impress the diminutive but aggressive leader.

They had been here three days. His attempts to frighten them off had failed. The smaller residents of the lagoon were becoming frightened. He was going to have to try something else to get rid of the strange creatures. At best, they were nuisances that would drive away food, at worst they were new predators waiting for the best moment to attack.

He couldn’t fight them all. Perhaps if he took the leader, while they slept? Surely they’d scatter and return to whatever strange river they had come from. When they left, he would wait a few days and release the little alpha.

It would be a shame to destroy such strange creatures.


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    ~happy dancing~ I love the creature! I love your do-over of the story! Your pen is a magic wand full of HAPPINESS!

  2. Kat French

    Awwww… thanks! Unlike my ill-fated NaNoWriMo attempt, I smiled the whole time I wrote this one. I can still remember going to Convenience Food Mart as a kid when WRDB was going to play The Creature From The Black Lagoon in 3D, to pick up my magical 3D glasses.

    Good times!


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