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    I can’t believe your web hosting company only gave you a little over a week’s notice! That’s rather impolite if you ask me. The Web certainly has changed communication, though its effect on writing concerns me – all those typos and misspellings published for all the world to see and being absorbed into people’s minds. Augh.

    Looking forward to checking out your new site!


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    Congrats on the move, I hope you’re happy with the new gig. I’m also looking forward to checking out the new site, b/c you hooked me with that last line in the post. I agree completely that the next year is going to be about “conversations” more than just one-way-conversions. very astute and succinct. btw, i may need some freelance writer recommendations now for some efforts that are somewhat peculiar. Would you be able to give me a reco or 2? Thanks!


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