Wherein this January sucks less than usual

Probably the best thing about January can be summed up in two words: low expectations. It’s not really a month anyone looks forward to with great anticipation, unless it’s because you also hate December (and possibly November). Aside from the two days of cockeyed optimism spurred by your ill-conceived resolutions, most people go into January just hoping to get through it.  That’s either a feature or a bug, depending on how you look at it.

Since my expectations for January were positively rock-bottom this year, it’s turned out pretty decent. I’ve maintained some healthy new habits for a few weeks. Aside from a couple of bad days, my anxiety and depression haven’t kicked my butt like they typically do this time of year.

I finished a short story (not quite flash, but not much longer) and submitted it.

I have avoided doing anything catastrophically stupid in either the job I’m leaving, or the job I’m starting.

I scored paperback copies of Spindle’s End by Robin McKinley and Port Eternity by CJ Cherry at the used bookstore, which is exciting because I loved McKinley’s Sunshine and also: SLEEPING BEAUTY. I’ve been wanting to read Cherry since Downbelow Station was a Sword and Laser pick, and it’s basically KING ARTHUR IN A SPACE OPERA, so what’s not to like about that? I’ll probably end up reviewing both soon.

So, with a week left to go, it’s looking like I will get through January in better shape than I usually do, which isn’t saying much but again – perspective, people.


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    I’m glad you’re doing so well! “Low expectations,” along with self-care, can help so much.

    My January has been a roller coaster of serious “new me” experiences and lack of expected crushing depression, along with lessened anxiety. At least not being held back by either this month. I am full of hope, since things have gone FAR better than I ever expected in my wildest dreams, after a lifetime of fearing this big life change. I don’t hate getting out of bed in the morning as much as I used to. I look forward to going out into the world and being me.

    It’s weird, but I am just simply HAPPY lately. It’s not something I’m used to as a near constant.

  2. Kat

    I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling well. I definitely know what it’s like to not be able to take that for granted. Low expectations doesn’t mean “no big plans” – like you said, you can make BIG changes in life, and move in a positive direction while avoiding “when I do X, my life will be perfect” thinking. 🙂


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