Wherein my family totally ignores the Derby and has a great weekend anyway


I had Friday off unexpectedly for Oaks Day, which is basically a holiday in Louisville, Kentucky. It was also Star Wars Day (“May the Fourth Be With You”) so I briefly thought about spending the whole day watching all the Star Wars movies with my kids. But the weather was really beautiful, at least early in the day. It’s been pretty unpredictable this spring, what with the monster school-eating tornadoes and random golf ball sized hail. And the kids seemed determined to sleep in. So I decided to take my kayak out on the lake at Buffalo Trace Park.

It was a really nice morning for it. Lots of campers and joggers and people fishing; I always prefer it when the park is active and full of people. I tend to make everything into a race. This time I was determined to slow down and actually enjoy paddling around. I mostly managed to do that, and my reward was not being sore and tired out halfway around the lake. Also, you see so much more when you’re not trying to break some sort of nonexistent kayak lap paddling record.

A small turtle, about the size of a paperback novel, swam right under my boat. I also saw at least a half dozen fish swimming in the shallows near a picnic table and some pine trees. I tried to tell the guy who was fishing with his two small kids on the metal dock that’s where the fish were. He seemed more concerned with keeping his little kids out of the lake than with actually catching fish. Probably for the best.  It was a relaxing day, and I finished Book 2 of the Dresden Files, Fool Moon.

Saturday, we went to Kings Island as a birthday celebration for The Boy and The Man (their birthdays are about a week apart.) The Girl is now officially 52″ tall, and thus eligible to ride basically anything she wants to in the park. It was really nice for the whole family to get to ride almost all the rides together. The Boy rode the Vortex with The Man while The Girl and I rode carnival rides in Coney Island. The Girl rode Flight Deck (used to be the Top Gun ride, in their Paramount days) with him while The Boy and I rested. Other than that, we pretty much rode everything together.  It was a really great day.

Sunday we went to early service @ Sojourn New Albany.  I got my baby fix for the next two weeks serving in the nursery, and then I took The Boy for his birthday shopping excursion. Like his sister, he spent all his money in one store, although it obviously wasn’t Justice, it was Game Stop.

We had a family party afterwards, with fried chicken and a lot of talking around the kitchen table. Then in the evening, we went to the movies.

I didn’t really think about work or writing the whole weekend, except for talking a little bit with someone about the prequel to Bitter Cold, and why the main character in that story has to wear a red hooded cloak.

So it was a refreshing break. How about you all? Good weekend? Did you do the Derby? Cinco de Mayo? Star Wars Day?

Is everyone all partied out around here, or what?

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