Wherein I Party Like It's 1991

So… it’s been a while, right?  When Charles asks if my feed is broken, clearly, I have been in absentia for a spell.

Aside from a few sporadic missives, I’ve been gone. Like when a television series does one of those “time jumps” and somewhere between the shocking May season finale and September season premiere, three years have passed. Whoosh!

Previously, we left our plucky heroine in the throes of what appeared to be a classic midlife crisis, having suddenly left her glamorous job with the Mad Men of Louisville, full of existential angst and attempting to finally lose those 30 lbs of seven-year-old “baby weight” before her impending 20 year high school reunion.

WHOOSH! Nearly three months later.

(You hear the “whoosh!” right? Right.)

Where am I with the new job?

If I was looking for a radical change (and I was), I got it. While it hasn’t been a cakewalk, it was the change that I needed.

Where am I with the weight loss?

As of the reunion, about 13-14 pounds lost, via a combination of intense workouts at the YMCA and a modified Atkins diet. I dropped a full dress size, and felt so darn good about my body and general appearance that I got an awesome new haircut and some sweet purple peek-a-boo highlights.  The hubby has been quite … appreciative.  Haven’t gotten this much attention for my looks since the crazy KISS car incident. Which, I think we can all agree, was really more about the fact that that guy was certifiably crazy than it was about my level of attractiveness.

I’m on a two week hiatus on the diet and exercise thing, though, till next week.

How did the reunion go? 

Don't try this at home, kiddos. Or apparently, over 35.

Um… pretty well.  I had a great time. Right up until I decided to attempt to do a kneeling, leaned-back Prince air-guitar solo to “Let’s Go Crazy” and twisted my ankle so badly I couldn’t walk on it the next day.

Which explains the two week hiatus on working out. And really, after two months of merciless, single-minded focus on weight loss, my psyche needed the break as much as my ankle.

Now what?

Next week, I move into a more moderate diet and exercise plan that doesn’t require my undivided attention and unflagging commitment. I’m digging the new slimmer body, though, and I want to continue getting healthier.

I’m working on a book, as part of Camp NaNoWriMo (because November is a sucky month to try to write a novel). The book is an emotionally exhausting project, because I’m mining a lot of my personal experiences, which tend to often be either hilariously heartbreaking, or heartbreakingly hilarious.

I am moving the blog from internet-bard.com to thatdarnkat.com.   (So if there are technical difficulties, hit me up on Twitter to let me know.)

I am planning on getting training to volunteer with an organization that works to empower women to leave the sex industry.

So, yeah, a pretty full summer planned. Really, the book (and my continuing adventures in the new job) will probably take much of my attention for the next two months.  But I will try to post some more frequent updates.

And for my own good, I’ll try to stay off the dance floor when they’re playing Prince.


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    Actually I think something was up with your feed. When I asked about it you had two posts between the Palmyra and sensitive child ones that weren’t showing up for me. Thanks for breaking your radio silence, though. 🙂

    My 20th high school reunion is looming in October. I think I volunteered to get all the addresses into a database — which the class president keeps calling a spreadsheet, so we’re apparently on different pages.

  2. Kat French

    You know, you could just call it a “list” 😉

    Hope your reunion is fun, and injury-free.

  3. Kim Steadman

    I love your blog… keep up the good work with working out and dieting. I am trying to lose weight too and it feels really good when you shed those first 10 pounds.


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