When Good Squirrels Go Bad.

My mental meanderings have been a bit sparser this week and last, because cute little woodland critters have been busy under my house…eating my internet and phone cabling.

Which gives me a new appreciation for how “wired” my world is, since my wiring is on the fritz. I have friends in low places (low as in “close to sea level”) around the world, who I am concerned about with the recent hurricanes. And I would never have met these great people if not for the internet. Want to see what’s playing at the movies? Check the weather forecast without waiting through 20 minutes of local news? Help my son with his homework assignment? Geez. I feel like I’ve joined the Amish.

I’ve not had cable TV for at least three years, and frankly, I don’t miss it a bit. Never really did, although Jr. missed Nickelodeon for a while. But even that, he watches Nick on CBS on our local channels on Saturday mornings. I ditched my cell phone a couple years ago, and only recently replaced it, and that was basically to replace my gnawed-on land line. But don’t make me do without my web access. Anything but that.

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