What does your handwriting say about you?

If you are passionate about writing like me, then you are sure to have spent many hours of your spare time writing all sorts of things, from poems to blog posts. Writing is my passion and I find it very therapeutic and relaxing.

Some people go on their PCs because they like to write on a word processing program which allows you to save work and delete sentences you don’t like – however this means you are deleting your creative trails of thought. That is why I tend to start up my computer to do my online shopping or have a game of Foxy Bingo, because when I am in a creative mood, I sometimes love to get comfortable on the couch and write down my thoughts and ideas in a notebook. I feel that this adds a personal touch to my writing and it also means I can use my calligraphy pens to create beautiful handwriting. It’s thought that your handwriting reflects a part of your personality. Let’s find out what your handwriting says about you.

If you have flexible handwriting and all the letters are fluently joined together, then this shows that you are a fast thinker; when you have an idea, you tend to write it down quickly, often without even lifting the pen between letters. It can also mean that you are a creative person who may enjoy sketching or painting. Your flowing and elaborate letters also reflect your calm and relaxed personality.

If you do not tend to join up your handwriting and the majority of your letters are separate from each other, this could mean that you are strong willed and sometimes stubborn. However, this also reflects that you are a confident person.

If your words are neatly spaced and your sentences are straight and balanced, then this means that you are organized and have a clear head. A slick and legible signature says you’re confident, comfortable and neat.

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