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    Hey, love the new format! The handwriting font is better than I expected. I thought you meant more of a cursive, but this seems similar to your actual writing. I have a problem though, that my computer is translating some of the letters and characters as rectangles. It’s not terrible; I can still read your post. I feel a little like I’m reading your diary, though.. snicker snicker.


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    Which font are you using? Angelina, Journal or Cheryl? I found after I emailed you that two of them do the little rectangles in Internet Explorer, so the “final” best choice is Cheryl.

    The link for it is on the “About” page. Sorry! Still debugging! If you’re having trouble with “Cheryl” rendering, maybe I need to try “Catholic School Girls” (http://www.dafont.com/catholic-school-gir.font) — which is nice and legible, but huge…


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