Very Inspiring Blogger? Really? Well OK then.

inspiring-kittehThe lovely and talented Marian Allen has given me The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Which makes me all blushy and embarrassed, especially when she says such kind things about me on the post where she received the award before passing it along.

Also, I’m most decidedly not good at everything. I’m terrible at making French toast, which given my last name, is embarrassing. I also can’t roller skate backwards, despite numerous attempts to learn and to my unending aggravation.


  1. Display the award logo on your blog. (See sidebar.)
  2. State SEVEN facts about yourself. (See below.)
  3. Link back to the person who had already nominated you. (See above.)
  4. Nominate seven other bloggers who deserve this award. (This one is kinda tough. I don’t follow as many blogs as I used to do.)
  5. Notify each of the bloggers of your nomination. (Alrighty. Will do.)

Seven facts about me:

  1. My first job out of high school was working at a 250 watt AM radio station in Corydon, Indiana. A half-dozen sixty watt light bulbs had more power than we did. And probably a bigger audience. 
  2. I played the Wicked Witch of the West in the sixth grade production of The Wizard of Oz. I make an amazing 12-year-old, green-skinned, hydrophobic villain.
  3. I moved to Japan three months pregnant, and flew across the Pacific “space available” with a toddler (the aviation equivalent of hitchhiking). Don’t attempt this without 200 Marines to help you carry your gear. When sober, Marines are exceptionally polite and helpful people who call even a dorky twentysomething “Ma’am.”
  4. If I were ever in the Witness Protection Program, and I got to pick where they sent me, I’d choose New Orleans. Of course, this means that now if I ever am in the WPP, I can’t go to New Orleans, because that’s the first place the villains would look. DAMMIT. They’ll probably send me to freaking Florida.
  5. I won my school’s science fair, despite fundamentally sucking at science and having no interest in the subject whatsoever. My project was a scale model of a space station, which my dad, a union sheet metal worker, fabricated out of stainless steel. I did contribute the impressive black backdrop dotted with white Christmas lights.
  6. I would founder myself on 7 Day Chocolate Croissants from Dollar General, given the opportunity. OMG. Light, flaky croissants filled with chocolate pudding should not be available that cheap.
  7. For a period of three or four years, I refused to buy shoes with tied laces in an effort to save time. I had velcro, zippers and elastic as alternate options.

I am passing along the award to the following worthy bloggers:

  1. Marian Allen – There’s no rule saying I can’t re-award the person who sent it to me in the first place. So there. I hereby absolve her from having to do this all over again. LLAP, my fellow Trekker friend.
  2. Carol Preflatish – Another Quills & Quibbler who writes romantic suspense. Sweet, warm person.
  3. Alison Hector – Christian, blogger, and tough cookie with a beautifully tenacious worldview.
  4. ML Barnes – Another Indy-indie author, Christian and fellow houseplant assassin.
  5. Charles Robinson – Carolinian code poet, fellow introvert, and aspiring chef.
  6. Leesa Cross Smith – Fellow Sojourner, scribbler of delightfully gritty short stories, editor of WhiskeyPaper.
  7. Jessica Nunemaker – Writer, editor-in-chief and maid-of-all-work at Little Indiana, an awesome blog highlighting the joys of small town Hoosiertopia.


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    Of course you deserved the Very Inspiring Blog Award. Your 7 facts demonstrate the reasons I read your blog: you’re honest, you’re thoughtful and you crack me up! Ah, Kat you clever thing! By passing along this lovely award, did you hope prod me into actually producing a blog post? Well, it worked. Thanks, you Darn Kat!

    1. Kat

      Yes, yes I did hope to prod you into a post. 🙂 And also just let you know that I think you’re awesome.


  2. ·

    Okay, I just slapped myself in unbelief! No, you did not! LOL. But really, thanks for including me, Kat. Much appreciated! I will definitely pay it forward.


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