To NaNo, or Not to NaNo?

As you know, it’s September. Which I love.

But after September comes October, and I think we all know where I’m going with this.

November. Month of my birth.

National Novel Writing Month.

That magical and/or terrifying time when writers around the world attempt to knock out a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I’ve attempted National Novel Writing Month (aka “NaNoWriMo”) a few times in the past. Since we all know I finished my first novel back in July of this year, it goes without saying that I have invariably FAILED.

Right now I’m working on revisions and edits to Belle Starr 2, my new weekly flash fiction by email project (which is awesome and which you should totally subscribe to right now), all the writing I have to do as a content and community manager, and just beginning my Super Secret Writing Project for 2014.

So, kind of a lot of stuff I’m working on presently. Also, I’ve now written a novel (although mine was the 40,000 word definition used by the SFWA, not the 50K required by NaNoWriMo). I’ve been tracking my total word counts for the month during this whole “eBook every month” project. My highest month ever was ~25,000 words.

To finish NaNoWriMo, I’d need to write 10K more than my longest completed project to date, at about double my highest record monthly rate of speed.

I don’t know if I can do that.

Do you think I should try?

Seriously. I’m asking you guys. Drop me a comment.


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    You absolutely should do it! Even if you fall short, you still have a crapton more words than you would without the craziness of NaNo!

    My record wordcount before my first NaNo in 2007 was kinda zero. I’d written a couple of short stories decades ago, and a whole lotta blog entries and very minor attempts at stories and a serial or two, but NaNo was what really made me into a writer, taking my vague love for writing and making me see I was capable of much greater. I “won” 5 years in a row, and with editing and work, I’m publishing every single one of them.

    That’s meant to be encouragement, not a brag… I know you can do it, and I think you’ll be pleased at the end.

    Don’t make me taunt you. 🙂


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    I agree with Eric. DO IT! It’s fun! I didn’t finish my last NaNo attempt, and didn’t even try last year, and I missed it. I’m totally doing NaNo this year!

    1. Kat

      I will probably attempt it. I just need to decide whether to work on the Kit & Greta novel or the Sleeping Beauty in New Orleans one… Thanks for the encouragement.


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