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    Hey, how you been? Things have been super busy, but I’ve been looking in from time to time.

    I thought you once had pretty much all the main characters on Lost typed. I know Jack’s a 1 and Locke’s a 4, and you just mentioned Hurley as a 9 and Sawyer as a 3. What about the rest?



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    Hey, great to hear from you, ND! Super busy here, as well lately.

    Yeah, at one time I had all the leads typed, or at least roughly so.

    Jack / Jin = 1
    Charlie / Sun = 2
    Sawyer = 3
    Kate / Locke = 4
    Michael = 5 / 8 ?
    Sayid = 6
    Claire = 7
    Ana Lucia = 8
    Hurley = 9

    Those were my original typings, a few I’m not as sure about. For Sawyer, the type 3 is coming through very clearly now that his primary false identity is basically spent. He has no idea who he is now, if he’s not Sawyer, and there’s no reason to be Sawyer anymore. He hasn’t got the first clue who James Ford is. He suspects there IS no James Ford underneath there–thus the “sleepwalking” that Kate noted in the finale.

    Of the newer characters, I’d say Ben is possibly a Six and Juliet– geez, I have no clue. Elizabeth Mitchell has done such a bang-up job of being indecipherable I genuinely can’t tell what her motivations are.

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    Here’s how I see it…

    Jack / Jin = 1 For sure / Most likely
    Charlie / Sun = 2 For sure / Most likely
    Sawyer = 3 Most likely
    Kate / Locke = 4 I thought 6 / For sure!
    Michael = 5 / 8 ? No idea
    Sayid = 6 Most likely
    Claire = 7 Most likely
    Ana Lucia = 8 For sure!
    Hurley = 9 Most likely

    I don’t know about Ben either, although he could be a low functioning 1. He just has a warped sense of right and wrong.

    And Juliet – could she be a 4 as well? Or maybe a 7?

    There was a enneagram book I wanted about transforming yourself. I found it on half.com for $8, then found the same book on ebay along with 11(!!!) others for $30, so I bought the 12 books and am a little obsessed with enneagram stuff these days.


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    Cool! So far, the enneagram book I’ve enjoyed the most has been Clarence Thomson’s “Parables and the Enneagram.” Thomson is definitely my favorite enneagram expert. 🙂


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