Three words for 2012

Fellow web nerd Chris Brogan regularly distills his “New Year’s resolutions” into three code-word themes.  Last week, he once again sent out a year-end reminder and request for people to do likewise.  I don’t always play along, but this year in particular it seemed like a good tool for what I have planned.

My three words for this year are:

Dispel ~ Root ~ Shine

Dispel:  Over the course of 2011, and particularly in the last half of the year, it became clear that I have been letting a lot of illusions and lies seep into my perspective and guide my behavior. This year, I need to remind myself constantly to connect to the truth, and dispel any dishonest or destructive illusions.  Keeping my vision clear is vital to staying on the right path.

Root:  My tendency is to run. I have a very active, restless spirit. But energy without a certain amount of rootedness and connection doesn’t have any traction. You just end up flurrying in circles.  “Much activity but little gain” has been an unfortunate theme for me. This year, I’m working on rooting myself in vital relationships and life-giving truth.

Shine: I struggle a lot with my own visibility. I’m perennially uncomfortable with how comfortable I am being the center of attention. It’s something that could very easily become a destructive idol. So I waffle between seeking attention and “hiding my light under a bushel.”  The word shine is a reminder to simply do good things, and share my life appropriately, with a spirit of honesty and humility.

Do you have resolutions? Three words? One word? Themes? Goals? Send ’em my way in the comments.

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