Three Fates has become two houses (and that’s OK).

I haven’t posted to this blog since the first of July. It’s now almost the end of August. Let us pick up where we left off, shall we?

My July was extremely productive, which is why I didn’t blog. 😉  I made excellent progress on expanding Bitter Cold, my steampunk adaptation of “The Snow Queen” from an 18,000 word novella to a short novel. In addition to that, I did a good bit of activity behind the scenes, expanding my network of writer friends, and learning as much as I could about book marketing. I have a lot of experience in marketing for other industries, but publishing is a different animal. I put myself out there in a way I had never really previously done, requesting reviews for Mirrors & Magic, my first novel.

Comparatively speaking, finishing a novel is like childbirth. Submitting it to reviewers is like sending that kid off to school for the first time.

Comparatively speaking, finishing a novel is like childbirth. Submitting it to reviewers is like sending that kid off to school for the first time. Over and over again, in completely different neighborhoods. It’s nerve-wracking, once you start asking for reviews from book bloggers and other authors, as opposed to family and friends.

However, it’s also freeing. The people who agreed to review my book in exchange for a free copy did so because they were genuinely intrigued by the concept. I think among family and friends, even people who would ordinarily like your story can’t really get past the “it can’t be that good because I know the writer” prejudice. Or they keep putting it off because they don’t understand the urgency and importance of reviews when you’re just starting out. Mirrors & Magic now has about a dozen excellent, honest and credible reviews. Some of which made me tear up a bit reading, because it was so wonderful having a complete stranger get what I was trying to achieve with that story.

Then Someone Moved My Cheese!

I was trucking along with a pretty good head of steam under me (pun absolutely intended) when several big disruptions all hit at once, which in the words of Jayne Cobb “damaged my calm.” One disruption was the partners behind 3 Fates Press, the publisher I’d been having a delightful experience with thus far, split up.

They came out of the gate incredibly strong and fast. I think in that intense period of rapid growth, they developed two different operating philosophies. Of course, none of them could have possibly known that before the rubber hit the road.

From my perspective, I saw the benefits of both approaches. I elected to remain as an author with Line by Lion Publications (which will be run by the amazing K.A. DaVur, with Amy Eyes taking the editorial helm, Stacy Garrett covering design, and With Bells On handling publicity).

And I’ll be joining the newly-launched Per Bastet Publications as Publicity/Media Manager, along with the fabulous Marian Allen and T. Lee Harris. We plan to be open for submissions in January.

I adore all three of the former fates. They may not have been fated to stay together, but I firmly believe they’re all destined for greatness. 🙂

With all that said, the last few weeks have not resulted in a lot of prose being written. So next up on my To-Do list is getting back to a regular writing routine. The various situations which were draining every ounce of my emotional and mental energy appear to be, if not resolved, at least to have turned the corner.

After almost a month of unexpected visits, funerals, anniversaries, sleepovers, back to school shenanigans, and a white whale of a project at work… yeah. I think things might be about to get back in the general neighborhood of normal.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take a nap!

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