I love crafts and sculpture. Particularly fiber arts. I like making useful, beautiful things.

I hadn’t done much creative craft work in a really long time, though, because my craft supplies have been choked and buried under a bunch of supplies I inherited (aka “couldn’t let go of”) when my mom and grandma passed on.

My yarn basket, in particular, was a mess of tangled threads. At first, I tried untangling each skein separately. Eventually, I remembered the story of the Gordian knot, grabbed my scissors, and literally cut out anything I didn’t want.

With the useless and unwanted stuff cut away, sorting and untangling the good stuff was a pretty simple task.

Over the last week or two, I’ve been trying to maintain that clarity of purpose as I pick up the threads of my vocation that I set aside to go on vacation. The first week back is always a little disorienting, I think. So last week, I was the goldfish in the baggie, still trying to reacclimate myself to the tank. Just finding the ends of the threads (and discovering which ones had been cleared away by circumstance in my absence).

Now, it’s time to do something with the threads. To start weaving the pattern. I’ve already made a reasonable start. It’s a new pattern, a change of direction, and I think it will be surprising to some.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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