1. bartlett

    Interesting line of discussion, Kat. I’m in the public housing business these days, so the concepts of community and what creates them is very much a topic in our workplace.

    Because I don’t write for leisure anymore, I really don’t have a “third place” where I do work. I either work at my workplace, or from home (though, as I get older, I’m far less inclined to take work home).

    In college, I loved the basement of the school library for anything I need to do involving concentration. I’d sneak off to the corner desk under the periodical department just to read, if I could. That’s probably as close to a “third place” as I’ve had.

    I think my training in journalism makes it hard for me to get anything done in a third place. Frankly, a Starbuck’s is the perfect place to people watch, and I spend all day watching.

    It’s interesting that Starbuck’s using the idea in its marketing plan. You rarely find restaurants willing to cough up precious seat space for those who hang out all day writing the Great American Novel, but you can do just that at your average coffee shop. Maybe restaurants should pay attention to their java brothers.

  2. Sue Ellen

    My third place is my mother’s house–Not for working or getting anything done, it is just a place to be sometimes when I have an hour before I have to be somewhere else and I don’t have time to go home and back again. It is the best for many reasons: good conversation, a place to make my favorite tea, have a snack, let the kids play, etc. Sometimes (just sometimes) I wish I lived a bit closer to “civilization”.


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