The state of love and trust.

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I have nothing good to say today.

Today was one big sucker punch after another of hearing from friends and family getting, not to put too fine a point on things, shafted by the man.

It wasn’t my employer, or my clients, and it wasn’t me getting shafted.  And I’m not even exactly sure who constitutes “the man” these days–but I know I saw a lack of common courtesy today from supposed “professionals” that literally took my breath away.

A recession doesn’t give an organization permission to be dishonest with its employees, ostensibly in the name of the “greater good” of keeping afloat. If you can’t keep afloat without treating the people on whom your success is built with basic respect and honesty, then it may be for the best that you go under.

I get that the world isn’t some rosy utopia.  That it’s fallen.  That people lie–often.

But I don’t have to like it.

Even catching the first four minutes of the LOST season premiere didn’t cheer me up.

Taking the rest of the night off to work out my frustrations playing Mass Effect 2 (and yes, I’ll be doing a Gamer Mom review of it once I’ve completed enough of it to do a thorough job of it).

Next week, I’m going to start a new feature: Fiction Fridays.  I’ll be posting a short fiction piece for your reading enjoyment.  Or not, if you don’t find it particularly enjoyable.   But I’m going to enjoy writing them, and it’s my blog, so that’s the really important thing, right?

Have a good weekend, y’all.

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