The Next 6 Weeks: Brought to You by the Letter F

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It’s now the middle of January, officially.  Which means that we’re about 6 weeks from the beginning of March.  Which, equinoxes and solstices notwithstanding, is pretty much the unofficial beginning of spring.

Six weeks is enough time to make a change in your life and see a noticeable difference.  It’s enough time to believe that the change has really taken hold, and isn’t just another brief, torrid flirtation with change.

The husband and I have had a few intense conversations of late about some big changes we need to make, as individuals and as a family.  We’ve realized that they fall into three categories: Finances, Food and Family.

We need to grow up to a great degree when it comes to our finances (this is an issue that we’ve both contributed to equally).  We need to fuel our bodies in a healthier way (particularly considering Chris’ diabetes).  And we need to make having time together as a family happen more than it has in the last six months  (this is more on me, and to be perfectly frank, my work).

It’s a lot to take on at once, but they’re all so interrelated that I think trying to tackle them as a group is actually going to be more manageable than trying to deal with each one individually.

So what are you going to do with the next six weeks?  What change can you start now, that could create a noticeable difference in your life by March?

Grab a Scrabble tile and go.

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