The Final Solution to Your Crappy Short Term Memory

…is to stop trying to remember stuff.

Yup, its time for another one of those “remedial GTD” posts. I signed up for Jott towards the end of last year with the intent to use it and Sandy to help me build my “trusted system.”

The “trusted system,” for those not familiar with David Allen’s Getting Things Done organizational system, is basically where you put your “stuff,” rather than trying to remember it all.

“Stuff” equates to all the random data that are hogging all your mental RAM: appointments, to-dos, plans, schemes, ideas and such like.

The idea is, you “download” your “stuff” into your trusted system regularly (daily or weekly, depending on your need), and as your brain learns that the trusted system actually can be trusted to keep track of all that stuff, it lets go and frees itself up to think about bigger stuff that requires your higher thinking skills, like creativity.

So anyway, I signed up for Sandy and Jott months ago, but as much as I liked them, I didn’t really adopt them because Sandy requires typing (and usually when I think of new stuff I need to remember, I’m somewhere that typing is awkward. Like sitting in traffic.)

Jott doesn’t require typing, and its voice recognition is Da Bomb, but it does rely heavily on text messages, and when I originally signed up, I was getting charged a fee for every message.

Well, in the intervening months, we’ve added unlimited text messages to our phone plans, because we’ve found that it’s the best way to communicate during the workday. It’s less disruptive than a voice call on the cell, but you know that as soon as your spouse gets a chance, he or she will respond.

Anyway, I revisited my Jott/Sandy combo today, and I must say, it’s pretty sweet and trust-able. I also figured out how to post to Twitter and to both blogs via Jott. Um–yay.

So my blog posts here will hopefully start coming a little more frequently, although as a heads up, they may have a few more “typos” till Jott’s voice recognition gets fully up to speed on interpreting my Bluegrass-Hoosier accent.

If you are not a fan of gadgets and the interweb, GTD can work quite capably as a paper-based system. A great resource site on paper-based GTD is In addition to tons of articles, it features great printable forms. Another good source for templates is David Seah.

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