1. ND

    Kat, yes, I read all of it.

    I had a really cleaver post about the “whispers of the darkside” in the blog I deleted – darn! I knew I had words of wisdom in there…

    Anyway, it was about how I thought the feelings of entitlement -or as you put it the “you don’t have all you could/should have” – are the most dangerous feelings of all. It’s not the big temptations that lead as down the dark path, it’s the little whispers; like the cartoon character of the little demon sitting on our shoulder, encouraging us to take what we feel we deserve.

    Isn’t that feeling of entitlement at the root of pretty much all evil? The current “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” mentallity plays into it very nicely. We do what we feel like doing, then act sorry if we someone calls us on it later on. Two stories in the news this morning – Michael Richards apologizing for his racist tyrade, and News Corp apoligizing for paying OJ – are just the latest in a rash of apoligies.

    I like the way you are tying this into the Enneagram. It makes sense to me.



  2. ·

    Thanks, N!

    I recently rewatched Star Wars Episode III, and there is so much of this same stuff in there, in Anakin’s seduction and fall. It’s a subtle shift, and always there are lots of justifications to bolster one as you go.

    In one of the special features, Lucas is directing the actor who played Anakin, and he tells him “All along, there’s this part of you that’s aware that what you’re doing is wrong, that’s saying ‘What am I doing?!’ Most of you is justifying what you’re doing, and believes you’re right. Because bad guys never think they’re bad guys. But part of you knows.”

    Part of you knows that the world isn’t really the way you tell yourself it is. That’s the hopeful, faithful part. The lightside, as you said. The darkside just thinks it’s being pragmatic.

  3. jabl

    WOW! Great post… I am soaking it in. I agree and a comment is in there somewhere, when I finish digesting.

    I agree totally with the comments too. Entitlement is a big fueler in addictions also. Well, I didn’t get ______, so I DESERVE to drink, get high, look at pornography, whatever. Entitlement breeds resentment, resentment is a precursor to all nature of sins.

    Kat, I tend to agree with this. Hard to admit since I have been the “bad guy”, but I think the whole time there is this battle of rationalization going on. If you believed the whole time you were 100% right, there would be nothing to rationalize. If you have to keep telling yourself “what I am doing is right because ____,” you probably need to stepb back, re-evaluate and be more objective.

    Maybe I am way off base here, I don’t know. I have really enjoyed your most recent posts though and our most recent conversations. Thanks hon!

  4. jabl

    Ok. evidently I don’t know how to quote… shows which of us is the html guru! LOL! The quote was actually supposed to be the Lucas comment. Thought I’d clear that up. I am totally embarrassed and am leaving now. Please hold all laughter until I am out of the room… thanks!


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