The Colors of the Rainbow, So Pretty in the Sky…

I think my brain is in danger of blowing up.

I’ve been attempting to teach myself HTML for the last two days. It’s great, but sort of like teaching oneself Aramaic by sitting in front of the Rosetta stone and saying “I know the book of Isaiah is in here somewhere…if I can just find THAT, it’ll all make sense…”

My younger sister once, in talking about the first day of school, suddenly went off on an Inner Child-induced tangent about how someone always brings the 64 box of Crayons (with the sharpener in the back) the first day of kindergarten, even though you’re supposed to only bring the crummy fat 8 pack. My mom and I both couldn’t help laughing–it was obvious Jan was still a little miffed about that kid with the 64 pack (with the sharpener in the back).

Learning web programming and design is like someone handed my Inner Child the Crayola Box of the Gods. I can’t sleep. I’ve forgotten to eat. I’m obssessed with the magical, beautiful worlds I can potentially create now.

Providing I get some sleep and don’t drive my car off a cliff on the way in to work…

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