Who is That Darn Kat?

“That Darn Kat” is me, Kat French: gen-x wife, mom, writer, web marketer and follower of Christ.

I’ve been writing seriously since my early teens.  Over the years, I’ve written everything from lullabies to radio commercials to 200 page technical proposals to build weapons simulators for the military.

For the last five years, I’ve been focused mainly on writing for the web at some of the top web marketing and advertising agencies in the region.  If you’re curious about that side of my life, connect with me on LinkedIn.

If you’re looking for my professional opinion on social media and web marketing, sorry. I don’t write about that here. You might enjoy the posts I wrote as the second-ever regular contributor to Social Media Explorer, an AdAge Top 150 marketing blog.

This blog is mostly about  sharing stories and sharing life. I tend to think that one leads to the other, most of the time.

We tend to hesitate about sharing either one, wanting to wait till they’re perfect or at least presentable.

That’s a mistake. Sharing is how your unfinished stories, and your unfinished life, get better.

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