1. Daryn

    Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. We had a special dinner this week because we took the bank acct. to $0.59 without an overdraft fee. What a reason to celebrate! 🙂


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    Daryn: Thanks! Because we totally feel like we’re the only people who still haven’t mastered this stuff as adults! Yay, no overdrafts!


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    Just this weekend I sat down to write out a monthly buget for us. Very grim, let me say. I won’t give the exact numbers, but the outflow of money far exceeds the income every month.
    After reading Dave Ramsey’s books (he is also a christian) I also understand that being financially fit is part of being a good christian in many ways. Therefore, we will do all we can in our home to get things back together.
    You are not alone. Good luck!


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