We encourage teenage drama in this family.

"You rang?"
The Boy, in costume if not in character.

So this weekend, the Boy carried on the family tradition of being an amateur thespian. He performed in his first production, Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.  

He was cast as Thomas Rogers, the butler, which means he got to try out his British accent and wear a tie and tuxedo jacket.

Since he’s a freshman, I wasn’t sure he’d get a part. However, he really surprised me by memorizing Hamlet’s soliloquy for auditions.  Must have impressed the director, because he got a callback and then made the final cast.

Chris & I were in plays most of our high school career, and the lady who was our director for all the non-musicals sat down close to us. She’s now the school guidance counselor, and isn’t involved in theater. She seemed somewhat disturbed that we had a kid old enough to be in a high school production now, but hey, it’s been over 20 years. Time flies when you’re dealing with teenagers, I guess.

Drama and theater is a part of our family culture. Chris proposed to me at the cast party for M.A.S.H.  When our marriage was struggling the worst, we reconnected partly by serving in drama ministry at our church. I can remember a five year old Josh, playing with his buddy Jacob and crashing out on a sofa during rehearsals for a dinner theater we were acting in. His little sister is already writing simple one act plays–I showed her how to use a word processor on their shared laptop so she could print copies instead of hand-writing them for each of her friends.

I think Josh did a splendid job in his first acting role, as did all the other NHHS Theater team. I’m probably biased, but we all need biased fans when we’re getting started to encourage us so we’re willing to keep putting in the work and getting better.

What arts, interests and activities are part of your family story?  Or what arts, interests and activities drew you to your spouse, and you hope to carry forward when you have kids?

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


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    It honestly never occurred to me until I read your post that for me it’s all about food. My mother raised me to taste everything. The only thing I ever found that I didn’t like was chicken liver. I have found a few others since then, but I still remember the first time I tried fried chicken livers.

    My partner and I love to dine and I developed a passion for cooking that stems from wanting to know how it works. If we had children I would have raised them to be fearless eaters. I wouldn’t make them eat liver, though.

  2. Kat French

    That’s neat that your mom passed on a willingness to try new foods. As creative as my mom was in other areas, she was not a food experimenter really (although there was one incident with fried dandelions). My granny would try nearly anything, though, as will I (and I actually like chicken livers. To each his/her own.)

    Chris is not a huge fan of trying new foods, but he obliges pretty often to humor me. 🙂


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