Tea and Disciples

"zen tea" courtesy gmarcelo

Last week, I was rifling through my backpack and discovered it was full of tea and disciples.

The “tea” part was several bags of Yogi Tea‘s excellent Kava Stress Relief blend* and the “disciples” part was 11 little flash cards from Sunday School my daughter had stuffed in my bag the previous weekend.

True to character, Judas Iscariot had apparently gone astray and was later found hiding in the back seat of my truck.

The tea got me thinking about my stress level, which has been higher than it ought to be for longer than I should have let it be.  The disciples got me thinking once again about Pastor Jon’s excellent post on Fans vs. Disciples.  (I linked to it last week, but it’s so nice, it’s worth linking twice.)

The two things together got me thinking about a post I read last week from Valeria Maltoni, about knowing when it’s time to stop adding value.

The biggest contributor to my stress level for months has been that I’m still saying “yes” to the wrong things, and the resulting difficulty I’ve had finding the necessary time and energy to be a disciple and energetically follow some other specific right paths.

As I recognized in January, life has a finite capacity.  Time management is like packing for a trip.  What I’ve found in February is that some times, one big item that you’re too scared to ditch is buggering up the whole works. You can’t fit the hairdryer in the bag and still fit any of the other stuff that make the trip worth taking.  It’s the hairdryer and a bunch of things you don’t need, or leave the hairdryer and be able to pack everything else you need and just deal with messy hair.

If the “blowdryer and road trip” metaphor isn’t working for you, let’s talk about sports.  Saying “yes” to the wrong things has kept me from staying in my game.  Heck, it’s kept me from even getting into my game, much of the time.

If you love dodgeball, but everyone around you only wants to play kickball, you have three options:

  • learn to love kickball and kiss dodgeball goodbye
  • convince other people to love dodgeball
  • find a new playground

Finding a new playground is the scariest option.

* totally unsolicited plug, in case you were wondering.  They just make awesome tea that leaves me calm and focused. Unless I drink too much of it, in which case I get way too relaxed and become a human koala bear.


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