Last week, I had a little staycation at the Grey Cottage, whilst Chris and the kids went to Arizona to visit his family.

I stayed away from my work. I stayed away from email. As best I could, I stayed away from even thinking about blogging, or social media. I checked in with Facebook a couple of times for the same reason “civilians” do–to see what my friends and family were up to.

Over about 9 days, I switched off my regular life and switched on something else. I tried a lot of new foods. I explored a few new places in my community. I changed a lot of things about my home (Maddie’s response when she got back? “This is not our house. You got a whole new house, Mom.”)

Unlike my usual navel-gazing self, I addressed my literal “stuff”: all of it. I cleaned out and reorganized every closet in the house. I addressed all the stuff I was hanging on to that wasn’t blessing me or my family any more. The craft supplies I hadn’t touched in five or ten years. The bedding that didn’t fit any of the beds we currently have. The Baby Looney Toons faceplate on my teenage son’s bedroom light switch.

It was a lot of stuff. Spiritually speaking, I feel a few hundred pounds lighter (roughly equivalent to the weight of junk that went to my waste wheeler or Goodwill.) Physically, I’ll be honest–I kind of hurt a bit. It was a lot of lifting, dragging and painting for a week.

For 9 days, instead of following a clock or a schedule, I followed my energy, curiosity and enthusiasm.

I found that I had a lot more energy, curiosity and enthusiasm than I realized, once I let them out of their bottles and stopped directing them almost exclusively to one narrow subject.

Now, it’s time to switch, again. Not back to my old routine (which wasn’t really working), but forward, into something new.

I’m excited and curious to find out what that’s going to be.


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    I think you were very wise to allow yourself the space and time to move to your own rhythm. What could be better for the soul? And to lighten your home…godd stuff!

  2. Kat French

    Susan – Thanks for dropping by and commenting, and thanks for the compliment! I think for the most part, I avoided unhealthy excesses (although I did stay up very late a couple of times watching “Clean House”–I suspect so I wouldn’t feel as bad about my own mess in comparison!)


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