Stuff I'd Like for My Birthday

Chris keeps asking me to give him a list of things I might like for my birthday this month. Since I’m turning 40, I guess my family and friends think it might be rude to just ignore it outright or something.

Since I’m also trying to post here daily on weekdays, I figure I’ll just kill two birds with one stone, and post my birthday list as a blog post. It’s like recycling! Except not really.

Also, maybe some random blog reader will just decide to send me a birthday present, like the gentleman on Twitter who sent me a set of Ginsu knives a few years ago.

  1. Pajamas. I don’t hate winter. I hate being cold. If you can have one without the other, I’m all for it. Warm, fuzzy pajamas are always welcome.
  2. Moleskines or other cool notebooks. I write a lot. Always need notebooks, and I find that if I pony up for the nicer ones, The Girl is less likely to outright steal them. I prefer reporter style, because I’m left-handed and spines down the side are annoying (not because I harbor illusions that I’m an actual journalist).
  3. Giant sweaters. Like my friend Robyn, I would just like to say BLESS YOU to the person who decided to bring back enormous sweaters and leggings from the 80s as a fashion trend. (I’m hoping this also means I can break out my Flashdance-style legwarmers? No? Eastlands?)
  4. Home Depot gift cards. We’re still working on the garage remodel. Mama needs a second bath, people. Drywall and shower surrounds are not cheap.

That’s pretty much all I can think of at the moment, unless it was a ton of Amazon gift cards to buy eBooks for my Kindle. Also, while we’re making lists, here are some things I don’t need.

  1. Scented bath stuff. It’s not that I don’t like nice-smelling bath stuff. It’s that scent is apparently a lot more subjective than I ever realized.
  2. Video games. Yes, I love them. But I’m taking a break from them for a bit. I HAVE NO TIME.
  3. Cheesy “40 is so old you’re practically dead” gag gifts. Maybe for someone who’s mom didn’t die on what would’ve been her 51st birthday. Not for me, mkay pumpkin? Trust me. I’m just thrilled I made it another decade. Assuming I make it to 52, I’m having the world’s biggest party.

Anyway. It’s November. I’m not officially doing NaNoWriMo, but I am trying to knock out the equivalent wordcount on two or three works-in-progress. So, crazy busy. Happy to be not dead yet. Getting older, although not necessarily wiser.

Hope things are good with all of you.

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