Space Out! Updated Versions of the Belle Starr chronicles

WOTR Cover_smallThis is going to be an epic week here at That Darn Kat. First, I’m pleased to announce updated versions of my space opera / space western series the Belle Starr chronicles are now available on Amazon. While not the full rewrite or expansion I did with Mirrors & Magic, the new versions are freshly edited, with reader feedback taken into account. They also have new covers, which I’m really proud of.

If you’ve not checked out this series yet, here’s what my fellow sci-fi author R.J. Sullivan had to say about it.

“If you love zip-bang sci-fi adventure with no pretense toward being anything other than what it is, you need to check this out.”

TSG Cover_smallI’m currently working on the third book in the series, A Pair of Aces, which should be out sometime this summer.

This series was my attempt to write an homage to FireflyStar Wars and Star Trek– all the fun, action-packed space adventures I’ve loved over the years. If I had one rule about this series, it was “let’s have fun breaking all the rules.”

No awkward romances, no evil empires, no mysterious galactic conspiracies, no stuffy Federation with Prime Directives, no epic quest. Just a kick-butt crazy lady with a rattletrap smuggling ship and the random troubled strangers who are desperate enough to turn to her for transport.

It’s Star Wars if Han Solo were the hero and nobody ever heard of the Force. It’s Star Trek without the OCD. It’s Firefly without the Reavers, because frankly they scared the holy crap out of me.

If that sounds appealing to you, check it out. More news to come this week.

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