I caught the following really good article from Psychology Today yesterday:

Is Your Child Highly Sensitive?

Over  the years, I’ve been diagnosed with a nice long laundry list of conditions to explain my overall general state of weirdness. But the assessment and description of high sensitivity is probably the one that most closely matches my experiences.  One of my nieces has a lot of the markers of high sensitivity–and fortunately, my sister is willing to read up and make some accommodations to the trait.

Thinking back, I can remember going to Chuck E. Cheese for a 3rd grade Girl Scout party and being convinced it was hell on earth. I suspect this is not the typical 8 year old reaction.  I kept waffling between thinking “What’s wrong with me that everyone else is having a great time and I can’t?” and “What’s wrong with all these kids that they’re having a great time in a place that is clearly awful?”


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    I was a highly sensitive child raised in an environment that was incredibly unsuitable for me. It took me a really long time to finally accept that nothing was wrong with me. I put on the facade the world wanted to see, but that doesn’t mean it fit.

    On another subject, is your RSS feed working? I’m using http://internet-bard.com/feed/. I haven’t gotten an update since the “crazy in Palmyra” post.

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    Well, it may be that the feed is wonky, or it may be that I hadn’t posted anything since then. I basically took a month off from blogging to focus on some other goals.


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