Curious Case of the Cobbler’s Christmas in Holiday Anthology

Happy Holidays!

It’s not too soon to say that, right? I mean, Halloween was Friday. It’s now November, so Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Those are holidays. Right? Right. 

And since we’re now officially in the holiday season, I have a few festive announcements.

10687323_876570782353186_3713187337257396630_oFirst, today is the launch of a new holiday anthology from the Speculative Fiction Guild. This book, Gifts of the Magi, is a crafty collection of fourteen fantastical tales set in the holiday season.

The stories are all from different authors, including me.

I was super excited to be included in this invitation-only anthology. The quality of the stories is excellent. Almost all of the stories are set in the same worlds, featuring the same characters, as the authors’ book series. But they’ve all been written to be entertaining stories in their own right. It’s a great way for readers to check out over a dozen new writers of speculative fiction (another name for science fiction, paranormal and fantasy books) in one low-cost book.


Gifts of the Magi is a labor of love. Specifically, the love of literacy. All proceeds from the sale of the book are going to Indy Reads, a nonprofit organization which promotes adult literacy in Indianapolis.

To keep the love flowing, we’ll be having an author signing at Indy Reads Books on December 4, 2014. Several of the authors will be there, selling and signing copies of Gifts of the Magi, as well as their other books. I will be there, and along with copies of Gifts of the Magi and Mirrors & Magic, I will be bringing…


Yes, folks. I’ve just sent off final edits of my expanded, novel-length version of Bitter Cold, my steampunk take on “The Snow Queen.” It’s off to be formatted, and should be available on Amazon sometime in November. Just in time for Christmas.

Kit and Greta are childhood best friends in an 1880s powered by mechanical marvels and alchemical magic. When Kit is captured by the ruthless Evelyn DeWinter, whom the papers call “the Snow Queen,” Greta risks everything to save him. Can a stubborn young woman outwit the world’s most powerful woman with a little luck, and a clockwork reindeer? Or will the Snow Queen’s Eternity Engine bring about an icy reckoning?

As you might have guessed, my story in Gifts of the Magi also featured Kit and Greta. It takes place six months after the events of Bitter Cold. The story, “The Curious Case of the Cobbler’s Christmas” is a retelling of the classic holiday fairytale, “The Shoemaker and the Elves.”

Except these “elves” are not the nice, helpful creatures you might recall from that story.

As with all things in the Clockwork Republics, nothing is quite the way you may have remembered it. 😉

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