1. bartlett

    So you’ve gone from “I am a cucumber” to “Get back to work.”

    Kat, Kat…. 😉

    Now, for something totally different…
    My professional communications career is taking yet another turn. As you may recall (when last we tuned in), I retired from the Air Force two years ago and went to work with a public housing agency. Now I’m moving on to work for a large multinational bank. I wish I could describe the job, but it defies description at this point. However, it is a substantial pay raise.

    I’m pretty stoked. My only problem: My current boss is out of town, and I start the new gig in 13 days. i have to give a letter of resignation by email. ick….


  2. ·

    Good for you, Bart! FWIW, there’s no fun way to give your notice.

    Unless, of course, you have access to the HR guy’s computer, and are capable of changing his New Email notification sound to a ten second clip of “Take This Job and Shove It” by Johnny Paycheck…

    Not that I would know anything about that…

  3. Bartlett

    So, I spend 48 hours wringing my hands, worrying about how to tell my boss I’m leaving. yeah, i know, I shouldn’t worry, right? But, as I’m sure you know, our profession is one of those “who you know” gigs. In a town like mine, upsetting some people can have a strong ripple effect.

    She’s out of town, and I have to tell her I’m quitting in less than two weeks. I crafted a very nice, succinct email. I ponder it for a while, then finally send after several hours of “waiting until the time was right.”

    I don’t know what I thought would happen. The HR guys said my boss would probably counter offer. I figured, at a minimum, she’d call me and ask “what’s up?”


    her reply via email:
    “I/we will really miss you, but I certainly wish you the best of luck! See you Thursday.”

    Sigh… as Robert Preston once said, “Finnegan, begin again.”


  4. ·

    Or in the words of 38 Special “Hold on loosely”…

    Well, all the same, good luck in the new post. And try not to go all Fourishly “WTH is wrong with me that they didn’t counter?” and take it as a blessing of drama-freeness.

    Public Housing doesn’t pay well. They know this. They’re used to high turnover, particularly the talented people who can do better in terms of pay.

  5. Bartlett

    Oh, believe me, I’m saving my Fourishness for the inevitable “There’s no way I’m worth what these guys are paying me. Wait. it’s a bank. They’ll lay me off. Yeah. That’s it. I suck.” lol…

  6. Myself

    I guess my meaning o’life stuff is discovering my spirituality. I have learned a lot, but I have also learned how bad I suck, which is at times a kick in the backside. Nothing like a sermon or 2 on the beattitudes to make one feel like pond slime. I dont measure up, not even close, much, much, work is needed, I wonder if I will ever get it right sometimes.

    What I am trying to do with all of this “self pond slimeisness” is to take bits of what I learn and try to improve myself, like applying it to my life and stuff. Sometimes I do OK, other times I come up short and have to repent, but I am going to keep trying.


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