Shine on, shine on

lolcat_caption_contest__2By necessity and nature, I spend a lot of time on the internet. Specifically, I spend a lot of time on Facebook and other social media, as well as blogs.

There’s a lot of hostility out there. A lot of outrage.

A few things that have passed my view screen lately, and caused me to pause and ponder. The times, they are a changin’ and with change comes a lot of feels for a lot of people.

All the feels. Sigh.

I wonder if the internet as we know it had existing during the 1960s, the last period of huge social upheaval, what the effect would have been? A lot of the current social climate makes me think of that era, or at least the mythology and story of that era as it’s been translated down to me. I wasn’t actually born back then.

I am not immune to outrage. I just can’t afford it. There’s a cost associated with succumbing to drama, online or offline. And let’s be honest? A lot of the hand-wringing and name calling and link-flinging is just drama, with no real intent to effect change.

I’m just trying to keep the drama on the page, and shine whatever borrowed light I can capture in real life, know what I mean?

No offense to people who genuinely view themselves as “citizen journalists” or who take a more activist approach. I’m not saying my attitude and approach is the right one, or the better one, it’s just the one I have the resources to pull off.

Being angry makes me tired. I can’t make art when I’m tired. Not with everything else I have to manage. For some people anger is fuel. I get that.

I’d rather glow than burn, myself.

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