1. Bartlett

    Yo sis… Man, am I happy for you. Things appear to be going swimmingly in your world. Must be an alignment of the stars or something because ditto here.

    Anyway, quick web-related question. Say some friend of yours fancies himself a bit of a photographer, enough to at least consider putting some photos on the web if for no other reason than he thinks it would be cool to show off the things he sees and you never know when someone might buy a photo or two. And he doesn’t want to do Flicker or photobucket or whatever. You know, his own web site, a la the link I sent to photos of abandoned asylums.

    What’s the best way for this person to go about doing such things? In other words, what are the first, say, 10 things he needs to do to get going?

    Hugs and all that stuff…


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    First, he would need a hosting account, if he’s not going to use Flickr or Photobucket. I can recommend a couple of very low-cost options: my own host, http://www.paragonhosted.com has a personal hosting account for $3 per month that would easily do the trick, but I also hear good things about a2hosting.com and ipowerweb.com. Just don’t go to GoDaddy. GoDaddy is evil, and slow.

    Next, he would need to decide on a CMS, unless he wants to learn HTML, CSS, and possibly a scripting language.

    I would recommend one of two options: WordPress, or Pixelpost. WordPress is what I use to run this blog, but you could easily use it to run a photoblog as well. The nice thing about WordPress is that most cheap hosting companies offer an automatic installation of WordPress. And you can get lots of nifty themes, as you’ve complained about endlessly here, so you don’t have to design it yourself to get a nice-looking site.

    Pixelpost is specifically made to run photoblogs, however, you have to install it yourself easily (which isn’t THAT hard, but does require a little more effort.) And it doesn’t have a wide selection of themes available. My old dedicated photoblog ran on pixelpost.

    Also, I would point out to your “friend” that if he’s even passably good, signing up with istockphoto.com and selling his pics as stock photography can be an excellent way to make extra money.


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    Oh, and just a note on protecting your images. First, make sure you note on the site that all the pics are copyrighted, and that it’s ILLEGAL to steal them.

    Second, if you’re using pixelpost, they can’t simply right-click and save to steal them. WordPress would require a plugin to do that. I think.

    Third, ultimately, a really determined person with a screenshot tool can steal them if he or she can view them. Just so’s ya know.

  4. Bartlett

    Ah Kat… once again, I’m reduced to jello at the greatness of you. lol… Great stuff! I’ll — uh — pass it on to my “friend.” And of course, let you know when the page is up and running!

  5. Tanner

    Hey, thank you SO MUCH for the istockphoto website! THat’s so COOL! =) I can’t wait to make my first $1 on there! =) (someday) 🙂

    oh, and when you get ready to buy swish, make sure to do some searchin’ on ebay AND pricewatch.com REALLY low prices on that second one (and links to resellerratings.com too) =)

    Guess I should change the linky on my website to “your blog” 🙂 This blog stinkin’ ROCKS. I LOVE the shoutbox, stop hunger ribbon, and pic badge…they’re so stinkin’ cool! Someday I’ll make blogger do that magically somehow 😉 hmmmm….looks like I’m going to have to start payin’ for hosting someday eh? =)


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    Dude, you can so totally get the ONE ribbon and the Flickr badge on your Blogger blog. The shoutbox, eh, not so much. But the other two are easy-peasy Japanesy.

    Go Here —> http://www.one.org/ActionHost to get the white ribbon. At the bottom of the page it tells you how. In your Blogger dashboard, go to “Change Settings”->”Template tab” -> and copy the javascript right after the body tag.

    http://www.flickr.com/badge_new.gne is the link for creating a Flickr badge. Which, again, can be inserted into the template for your Blogger blog. 🙂


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