1. ND

    The last part is the hard part. I have seen several couples struggle with compatibility when they seem to be headed in different directions spiritually. And it usually seems to happen when one has spent time, as you have, reexamining his/her faith and seeming to change course. I think you have it right, though, when you stick to the core issues – the right bus – and don’t let the stuff that, in the end, is just fluff get you sidetracked.

    I have still not found my answer, mainly due to location. I could start out in a new church home miles away with all good intention, but I know on those snowy below zero winter Sunday mornings, the resolve to attend and participate would be gone. I don’t want to be a fair weather member. With the internet, I’m sure I could find some kind of online faith community, but that would not be the answer for me, either. Meanwhile, I’ll keep trying to find my place. I hope you can find yours.

  2. Sue Ellen

    I like the caravan analogy, mainly because I really understand it and believe in it. Even when belonging to a community sometimes you feel like your the only wagon on the road. I’ll be praying that God show the company that you are suppose to be traveling with. Until then, at least we know the WAY and the destination.

    Sue Ellen


  3. ·

    Well said. Sue Ellen has a great point as well. Hhhhmmm…. lots of things to think about.

    BTW, ethnicity is just fine. Wordage isn’t something that you need to worry about. It’s all good.


  4. ·

    ND: Wow, that’s the most literal translation of “fair weather Christian” I’ve ever heard. As to the Chris situation, we’ve had some recent talks that are encouraging, but I’m still dancing around and not laying all my cards on the table, and asking to see his. Perhaps this long weekend would be a good time for that conversation, now things have settled down a bit on other fronts.

    Sue Ellen: I’m liking the caravan analogy, too. And feeling like the only wagon on the road is something I know I’ll always struggle with in faith. If you take the analogy a little further, in the Lord of the Rings, at a certain point, the fellowship had to split into different companies.

    If they hadn’t split up, Rohan would have fallen. The Trees wouldn’t have risen up and taken down Saruman. Faramir would have been killed. The END destination for all of them was always the same, but their different missions (missions for which each group was uniquely gifted) required different paths to get there.

    Daryn: You’ve got mail. Bring a soft drink. Be prepared to take stretch breaks.


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