I’m riding home from church as I write this. I’ve got a WordPress app on my Windows Phone that lets me write down the bones of a post, so I can clean it up for you guys later. Having just come from church, the idea of cleaning things up for others to see is very present in my mind. We do that a lot in our culture.

The problem with that is, nobody sees the process. We have a whole nation of people who think everything from food to art to clean laundry appears magically, thanks to some mysterious Keebler elves. We think stuff just happens. That woman’s fit body? Just happened. That guy’s healthy finances and career opportunities? Just happened. Like magic.

We don’t see the process, so we don’t see the relentless effort that makes things just happen. We don’t see the mistakes or setbacks. We don’t see the rescues and the miracles.

We miss the story, in all its guts and glory, living in a world of fabricated, presentable vignettes.

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