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    If I recieved sucha compliment, it would be hard to refrain from telling her that I wasn’t actually trying… that’s just how it was. 😉 lol


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    I feel I should clarify a little. We were doing the “belly roll” isolations. All the moves, you break it down and practice the parts of the move, then you put them together smoothly (in theory!)

    So you spend a few minutes JUST pulling your tummy in over and over, and a few minute JUST pushing it out over and over, and then you combine them so it looks like a wave going across your body.

    The instructor actually said “Okay, everybody, try and push your belly out like you’re trying to look pregnant.” to the whole group and then she looked straight at me and said “Good job!”

    But since it was the only “Good job!” I got during the class… LOL


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