Random Facts About My Dad

Well, Father’s Day is upon us this weekend. So I figured I would share a selection of random and theoretically interesting facts about my dad.

1. My dad’s name is David Beckham.

2. Not that David Beckham.

3. Even though he is not a world-renowned football (soccer) player, he’s semi-famous in the southern Indiana area for building street rods. We have a lot of car shows here. The local papers like taking pictures–most of the time, those pics include a shot of either my dad, or one of the cars/trucks he’s built.

4. You know that song about a dad cleaning his gun when a boy came by to date his daughter? He actually did that. A lot.

5. He also liked to invite our boyfriends to go tubing behind his bass boat. He then proceeded to spin the boat in circles as fast as possible, crossing his own wake and flinging them from the innertube at a high rate of speed. Repeatedly.

6. Somehow, all three of us girls still ended up married to non-brain-damaged men.

7. My favorite memory of my dad is going fishing with him at Patoka Lake when I was 9 or 10. We had to get up indecently early, and I lost my favorite ballcap (even on a fishing trip, we’d have to go really fast at some point), but it was worth it.

8. He used to drag race at local drag strips until he turned 30 and Mom told him he had to quit. I remember unscrewing the little cars off the tops of his trophies and using them as Hot Wheels.

9. My youngest sister’s name is “Bobbi Jo” because he liked the TV show “Pettycoat Junction.”

10. He’s a retired sheet metal journeyman. One of his coworkers once told me “Your dad can weld anything but the crack of dawn or a broken heart.” When I was in sixth grade, he fabricated a scale model of a space station for my science fair project. Out of stainless steel.  I got 2nd place.

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