Proud to be an S.O.B.

…Successful and Outstanding Blogger, that is.

Imagine my surprise today, when I checked to see if anyone new was linking to my ramblings here, to discover that Liz Strauss has declared me a successful and outstanding blogger.

Which is seriously awesome.

Also awesome? Ms. Liz herself.  After being a complete fangirl over her for the last couple of years, I finally got to meet her when I went to BlogWorldExpo last fall, at the pre-conference meetup at Tempo lounge (which was, by far, my favorite part of the Las Vegas Hilton.  It’s very Sean Connery James Bond).

So now, I’m just going to take the rest of the evening off from blogging, and bask in the glow of my outstanding successfulness.  🙂

As my Twitter bio jokingly attests, depending on the day I may feel like Queen of Content or Court Jester of the Interwebs.

Tonight, it’s good to be the Queen.


  1. Kat

    Thanks! It’s good to see that when I invest my energy in something, it gets noticed. 🙂


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