Potpourri of Random: Moonshine and Magnolias

This is going to be one of those random posts. So if you’re expecting one of my long, ponderous, heavily thematic posts on faith or relationships or what it all means… maybe next time.

I recently procured a bottle of moonshine. It’s apparently experiencing a resurgence, and you can even buy it legally at your local bottle shop. No need to call in the Duke boys to haul it to your location, jostling the bottles in all of those surprisingly frequent ramp jumps that evidently cover the state of Georgia like kudzu. I purchased some Georgia Moon, but my friend Joe tells me that you can buy Maker’s Mark white dog (essentially, Maker’s Mark in moonshine form, prior to being put in a barrel and aged into bourbon) at their distillery.

Easter went relatively uneventfully. We had 15 babies in the nursery at Sojourn New Albany. Many of them quite unhappy. The kids had an enjoyable family dinner and egg hunt at Papaw’s, and this year, nobody ended up in the emergency room. Even Lukey.

After our epic trip to Tucson, we are once again seeing The Man’s parents this week, under sad circumstances. His dad’s brother is in very poor health. While I’m glad to see them, and the kids are happy for this unprecedented level of springtime grandparental presence, I hate that it has to be due to an impending loss.

The Boy has another play coming up. This time, it’s The Curious Savage. He’s playing a psychiatrist. Which is sort of ironic, since I’m pretty sure having me for a mom is going to mean he requires one at some point in his life.

That’s about it for now. I am currently trying to persuade The Man to do a guest post some Fiction Friday soon on The Hunger Games, since he’s read the whole series.

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