Polka, Feng Shui, and My Inner Ice Nazi

Okay, just some random ramblings today.

I’ve been trying to increase my productivity at work, which in the last week or two has frankly sucked. I’ve been experimenting with playing different music styles on Netscape Radio to see what works best. Oddly, the two best choices appear to be Bluegrass and Polka. I think it has to do with the fast tempo of the instruments (in bluegrass, even in slow songs, the banjo and mandolin are picked at double time.) That and the fact that I’m not even vaguely distracted by attempting to listen to the words and discern the inner nuances of their meaning. Of the two, polka keeps me moving a bit more. But at the end of the day, I have this odd desire for a giant mug of beer and some bratwurst. Mmmmm, bratwurst…

And yesterday, I went nuts cleaning out my shared office whilst my packrat type 3 boss is out of town on vacation. There really is something to this whole Feng Shui thing. At the very least, it’s easier to be creative and active in a space with minimal clutter, and a few objects that make me feel happy (pics of my family, a scented candle).

Last but not least, a moment of revelatory glee from my freezer yesterday. I was at the house in a fury of activity getting ready to take Queenie for her checkup. It was insanely hot, and I wanted to take along a cold drink from home. I was looking in the kitchen cabinets for a glass, and grabbed one of those gigantic sporting event ones with a wide top and narrow enough bottom to fit in my cupholder. And I thought “Why do I never grab these big cups?” Because they are large, and they take up a lot of room in the sink when I do dishes. How dumb a reason is that? Who the heck am I inconveniencing there? Then I went to get some ice out of the freezer, and I grabbed all the ice in the box. I never do that. I always leave some for someone else, even if the trays are full, because it seems “greedy.” HOLY CRAP, KAT!!! IT’S ICE for God’s sake!!!!!!! And in that moment, I realize I have treated myself with this kind of Scroogelike stingyness my entire life. And I resolved to just STOP, and to recognize that God created a world of plenty, and there is ENOUGH in it for me to not have to hord or to ration my frigging ice cubes.

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