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    ah Kat. This feels too close to home. It reminds me that I really ought to pay attention to what I tell everyone else about God’s graciousness.



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    I probably should have read this more thoroughly but it kind of got me a little riled up. Yes, I’m one of those people who like to have an idea of “what’s for dinner…and when” as well as a whole bunch of other things.

    I know people expect it of me. “What happens next? And, after that?” What might be the expected outcome? Or, the hoped for outcome?

    Sure. There is plenty of room for randomness in our lives and a lot of randomness is thrust upon us. But without some plan, vague and unstructured as it might be, we can’t begin to work out a reasonably satisfying (forget the “happy” part) life.

    Finally, I think we may differ on how God interacts with we humans. I don’t think he’s up there (or over there) planning our lives for us. I’m not big on predestination. I also don’t think he’s waiting for our plea for the best parking space near the front door.

    I’m big on the free will aspect of our humanity – the ability to make choices and be accountable to the consequence of our choices. Sometimes that takes a little planning.

    end of rant. 🙂


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    I just re-read (a bit more thoroughly) the post. I see where my previous rant was a bit hasty. My apologies.


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    This hits way too close to home for me, too. My partner and I are currently not planning retiring to Mexico. Instead we’re playing the “shoulda-coulda-woulda” waiting game. I’m not a planner, not by a long shot, but I’m also not an apathetic bystander in my own life. Something has to give.

  5. Kat French

    Jon – It stings a little, but it makes us better, yes?

    Ken – Hasty rants are MY FAVORITE. Rant on, sir. Also, on the free will/predetermination question, I am more or less a compatibilist.

    Charles – Our retirement plan is to drop dead @ work. But my more fiscally-foresighted friends tell me that even if you start working on a plan in your 40s, you’re better off than not planning. 🙂


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