Paging Dr. Bailey. Dr. Bailey to the White Courtesy Phone.

This is not really a post about Grey’s Anatomy, which has sadly sort of tanked for the last couple of seasons, at least as far as I’m concerned.   

You know when I realized how bad Grey’s had gotten?  I pulled out my season 2 DVDs to watch the episodes with Chris O’Donnell’s “McVet” and realized that with the possible exception of last year’s finale, the worst episode of season 2 was still five times better than any episode in seasons 3 or 4.  

(I do admit that I really did like Dr. Wyatt, concrete boy, and the whole “Meredith’s house of candles” thing.)

But as I said, this is not a post about Grey’s Anatomy.  It’s about mentors, and teaching, and learning, and apprenticeships.  My favorite character, by far, on Grey’s is Dr. Miranda Bailey.   She’s what I think we’d all like to find in a mentor.  

A mentor shouldn’t need you to like her.  Or need to like you all the time in order to teach you.  

A mentor should be able to quickly and honestly assess where you need to grow to become your most excellent self.  And not be shy about passing that information on to you.  

A mentor should be confident, grounded and reliable.  Don’t you get the feeling that Dr. Bailey was probably voted “Most Dependable” in her high school yearbook?  (Along with the whole band geek thing.)

I have learned a lot in the last few years, from some truly great people that I truly admire.   And a few people have told me that they’ve learned a lot from me in the last few years.   

But I’d really like to have a Dr. Bailey.  And I’d like to be a Dr. Bailey (eventually.)   

I think we need more people who are willing to mentor others, and more people who are humble enough to apprentice themselves.   

I’m still considering returning to college in the fall, as Chris is finishing up his accelerated program, and as I’m still eligible to attend any Indiana public university tuition-free.  

But frankly, I think what I could really use, more than that piece of paper, is a few good mentors.

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