ONCE: How do you rappel in an evening gown anyway?

once_elsa_snowqueenI am totally enjoying this season of Once Upon a Time. Because, duh, Snow Queen. I loved Emma yelling “Hey, Dairy Queen!” at Elizabeth Mitchell, who makes a fabulous villain.

I think she’s lying like a rug when she tells Elsa she’s her mother’s sister, but I do think she actually met Elsa’s mom. I just think it might have been on less than familial terms.

I really hope it turns out that Elsa and Anna’s parents are Kai and Gerda from the original fairytale. They thought they vanquished the Snow Queen, but she survived to curse their firstborn with icy magic in retaliation.

Of course, in the original story Kai and Gerda weren’t royalty, but then again, neither is David/Charming. At least not by birth. The Enchanted Forest seems to be quite the medieval meritocracy.

Also, Operation Mongoose is the best idea ever. Henry has achieved a major competency upgrade since last season’s regrettable “I think I’ll just hand my heart over to the bad guy for no apparent reason” low point. I couldn’t care less what the Sorceror’s Apprentice hat means, but I really do want to know who wrote the stupid book now. It seems pretty clear it wasn’t August/Pinocchio.

Speaking of writers, Will Scarlet’s appearance was certainly well-timed. And I think it has less to do with the writers needing a witness to the strange doings at the ice cream shop than their need for someone to pair up with Marian, thus clearing the way for Robin & Regina.

Anyway, my own stab at retelling the Snow Queen is off to beta readers. I’m anxiously awaiting their response. I also am awaiting the go-ahead to announce a couple of pretty cool things coming up this winter.

Stay frosty, my friends.

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    Right with you on Gerda and Kai AND Operation Mongoose. Henry has been redeemed!


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