Oh. My. Gosh.

You know, I am way more neurotic and success-phobic than I originally thought.

I started a little company this summer. More or less just because I found a name in the encyclopedia that was so cool, I had to use it for something. I never actually expected to have an actual, bona fide, paying customer.

So when a friend from church asked me to do a little work for him on his website, I was surprised. But the work he wanted done was really just glorified data entry. When he referred me to a relative who needed actual web design work, I was stunned. But I figured, what the heck. I will putter around with some stuff, he’ll see how much of a rank amateur I am, and will say “Thanks, but I think I’ll call an actual professional.”

So imagine my shock, my utter disbelief a moment ago when I got an email from him saying he needed my address to send me a check.

Now excuse me for a moment whilst I go breathe into a paper bag…

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