Of Sabbath and sabbaticals

My house was eerily quiet Sunday afternoon. Which is completely understandable, because everyone was exhausted. Maddie had spent Friday night at a friend’s sleepover. Generally, there is very little actual sleep involved in those. I spent most of Saturday at the Kentuckiana Authors Book Blitz, and much of that on my feet. Chris and Josh went to Paoli Peaks for the Rugged Maniac, Chris as a participant with his friend Daniel, and Josh as a spectator.

The Per Bastet Booth, as seen from the mezzanine of the  Louisville Palace.
The Per Bastet Booth, as seen from the mezzanine of the Louisville Palace.

Then the whole family went to the PalWow Family Fun Fest at Buffalo Trace Park. We got there in time to catch The Juice Box Heroes (who were very good) and the fireworks show. Both kids wore themselves out dancing (it’s possible I might have joined in, a bit). After running a 5K obstacle course, uphill at a ski slope, Chris understandably sat out the dancing part of the festivities.

The sun setting behind the lake at PalWow.
The sun setting behind the lake at PalWow.

So as I said, by Sunday afternoon, everyone needed a nap. Except me, because I do not nap well. However, I am taking a break in one sense. I deactivated my Facebook account on Friday evening. It is supposed to reactivate after 28 days, the longest period it will allow you to do so automatically.

Right now is the period known as the “Ten Days of Awe” in Judaism, as well as Mercury retrograde. Both these events are supposed to be a good time to pause, look back, reflect, make amends, and generally get one’s mental and spiritual house in order. I find it extremely difficult to do that without taking some kind of social media sabbatical.

I didn’t post an announcement on Facebook. Partly, because I figured in the time it would take me to draft one, I would talk myself out of it. Mostly because doing so generally results in a flurry of “Are  you okay?” comments and private messages, none of which I have the energy to deal with at the moment. The people who might really need to get in touch with me have other ways to do so.

I am okay, but I am also very tired and in a seriously reflective, contemplative place right now. I don’t nap well, but even I recognize when the most productive thing I can do is rest. Of course, “rest” can mean a lot of things.

Like a Polaroid, we’ll just have to wait and see what develops.

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    I am behind in *reading* email, so I didn’t see this until *after* checked with you to see what happened to your FB account.

    You’ve inspired me to install Leechblock and set it to stop me from spending more than 15 minutes in any hour on facebook.com. That doesn’t help me with my phone or tablet, but those will take more conscious choice to use that just being distracted and sucked into the vortex that is Facebook.

    Good luck, and I hope you get your rest.


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