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    I think we’ve had discussions about this sometime in the past. I left my church home about 4 or 5 years ago and haven’t found anything else I am comfortable with yet. Of course, in my small community the choices are very limited! The largest churches are Catholic, and Lutheran – 2 of those . Otherwise it is a small Presbyterian, a small Baptist and a “free” church a few miles outside of town with a questionable doctrine. I say questionable because a friend’s daughter was being fondled by a member there who went to the church board and confessed and asked to be helped. They prayed for him and with him, but did not tell my friend or her husband, instead allowing him to continue having contact with the child. That, to me, is questionable!

    Every one of the churches here seems much more interested in what someone wears to church or where they sit on Sunday, or if they are “regulars” or “occasionals” than anything else. It is discouraging to me.

    I was in a women’s Bible study for younger women for awhile. We met in the evening at various homes. The pastor’s wife helped organize it. If we had really talked about anything worthwhile, I would have enjoyed continuing. I remember one time when the pastor’s wife brought up some issues from her childhood. You could have heard a pin drop in the room. After a very uncomfortable silence, one of the women started talking about the weather, or something equally safe. I was disgusted with the whole thing after that. It was a waste of my time.

    Hope you can find an answer – I have been unable to find mine yet.


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    Thanks ND. I remember us discussing this before as well. I’m sorry you haven’t found any answers yet. But I know you are growing spiritually.

    At work, I’ve been working on the site for a prominent figure in contemplative spirituality who’s from this region. A monk. And it occurs to me that for centuries, people pursued their spirituality in remote places, growing close to God without benefit of a congregation. In some ways, I suspect it might be a lot easier that way.

    Now, I’m not planning on moving into a cave somewhere and wearing wool robes (although cold as it is, there IS a certain appeal to wool robes right now.) I have a point, but I think it’s probably a whole ‘nother post…


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