Now The Truth Can Be Told

Don’t you just hate it when you have a good secret? Not a dark, scary thing you want to keep hidden forever and ever, but a good secret. A pleasant surprise that, for whatever reason, you just can’t share right this minute. No matter how much you really want to share it.

This time of year is particularly hard on the people who have a tough time keeping secrets. That perfect Christmas present you managed to snag sits in the closet MOCKING you. Because you want to give it to them, already.

Well, reader friends, today the truth can be told. 😉

As of today, I start a new job at CafePress, the World’s Customization Engine. How exciting is that? My official job title is “Digital Operations Manager” which, as usual for me, doesn’t tell you a lot about what I’ll be doing. The general gist is that I will be doing my typical social media, content strategy, and performance measurement shtick, but at a massive-and-awesome eCommerce company. Which happens to also be the home of the Official swag stores for LOST, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy & Once Upon A Time.


I know what you might be thinking. “Didn’t you just start working for Jason Falls again, at Social Media Explorer? Have you gotten aggravated with Jason already?”

Yes, I did. No, not yet. Jason’s also going to CafePress. They hired the whole darn team. Because we’re collectively even more awesome than we are individually.

You might be thinking “Wow, Kat. That is big news. I’m surprised you didn’t explode from the pressure of not sharing that news. Because you suck at keeping things in.”

Yes, I do. And yes, I almost exploded. And there’s even more, that I still can’t talk about. Maybe tomorrow.

So, between all this happening behind the scenes, and also Thanksgiving, and Explore Portland… yeah, I’ve been kind of quiet here lately. Because I was about to explode from the pressure.



    1. Kat French

      Thanks! It was an exciting first day.

  1. Kat French

    Thanks, ladies! I think my brain was smoking out my ears from all the stuff I’ve learned the last two days. O_O


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